Topics from May, 2012


Naoko Inoue Shatz is a U.S. lawyer who has extensive business experience in Japan, and she has a wide range of practice experience involving cross border matters and legal disputes between U.S. and Japan. Her dedication and responsiveness in addition to her experience has often helped corporate clients quickly uncover challenging issues and develop a sound business relationship. 井上奈緒子は日本でビジネスの経験を持つ米国の日本人弁護士で、アメリカと日本の2国間にかかわる一般法務から法的紛争にわたって幅広い経験を持ちます。さらに専心さと対応力に関しても多くのクライアントから評価を得ており、国際商業取引業務においてクライアントとは確実な関係を築きあげてきています。
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